Executive Committee for 2023/24

Please append @gmail.com to each/any of the addresses below in brackets when sending an email!


President:                                    Bob Robertson, (NPCPresident95)

Finance Director:                        John Coutts, (NPCFinancialDirector)

Membership Director:                 Pat Calder, (NPCMembershipDirector)

Outings Director:                         Norm Rae, (NPCOutingsDirector)

Program Director:                        Neil Crawford, (NPCProgramDirector)

Secretary:                                    Vacant

Technical Director:                       Andreas Gada, (NPCTechnicalDirector)



Club Volunteers for 2023/24:


Communications Coordinator:     Russ Donaldson, (NPCCommunicationsDirector)

Facebook Group Moderator:        Donna Edmonds

Mini Monitor Editor:                      Larry Keeley

Outreach Coordinator                   Doug Johnson

Slideshow Producer:                    Terry Carpenter

Webmaster:                                  Jeannie Gane