Club Outings 

2021/22 Outings List (under development)



2020/21 Outings List (TO BE ARCHIVED)

(*note: due to COVID-19 we are not having club organized group outings. As an alternative, we have created a list of ideas for our members to use as inspiration for their photography if they wish. Images submitted for the following list will be used for the outings portion of our monthly slideshows.)


September - Markets 

                     Statues, Sculptures, and other Artistic Structures


October - Local Landscapes

                Nighttime Photography


November – Weather

                  Churches and Cemeteries


December - Playing with Props

                    2 Colours (not black and white)


January - Create a Photo to Illustrate a Song Title

                 Focus on Shape


February - Motion



March - Patterns

             Mirrors and Windows  


April - I walk.  I look.  I see.  I stop.  I photograph.

          Vintage Finds


May - Water in Any Form

          Small Town Ontario (architecture, people, events etc.)


June - The Golden Hour

           Tunnels and Bridges