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Nov. 17 (Tues) Primitive Designs, Port Hope - it was a nice bright day and approximately 25 members had a great time.

Nov. 28 (Sat)The Colborne Santa Claus Parade

Dec. 6 (Sun) Hope Mill and Christmas by Candlelight at Lang Pioneer Village

Dec. 13 (Sun) - Christmas Market in the Toronto Distillery District

Watch your e-mail for more information

Dec. 7 - We'll be meeting at the Salvation Army Hall.  Unlike previous years we won't be going somewhere for dinner, but special treats will be available at break time. The usual program of Theme, Outings and Photographers' choice images will start off the evening, followed by the members 10 image per member slide show.

About the members 10 image slide show, get busy, select your images and watch your e-mail for specific instructions. Jeannie Gane will be putting those 10 images from everyone into the slide show.