Bryan is a relative newcomer to photography (2009) He has been inspired by the monthly guests at our meetings, and the multitude of seasoned club photographers who share both their expertise and images. Bryan feels the club provides many opportunities to display member's shots and to "put your work out there" for others to see and comment. He enjoys shooting any subject, particularly people, lately.

Using the Photo Viewer on the members' pages
Hover over an image to access controls.  You can also click the thumb to view a particular photo. Move your mouse away from the image to remove the controls.

Members who want their own page should submit 8 photos (although a few more is OK if you want) and a bio to the Communications Director.  Photos should be at least 400 pixels in each dimension - more is better but they will be reduced to 400 for this page - although you can request larger if you like.  All photos the same size works better in this viewer but it's not critical.